Glamour Portrait Session: Samantha


My friend Samantha is such a strong & independent woman.  She’s vibrant, she’s smart, she’s funny, and I love her laugh.  She’s pretty busy with full-time school & work, so I am grateful to her for her time this past weekend.  After Sue Bryce’s most recent CreativeLIVE workshop, I knew that glamour photography was what I wanted to do with my career as a photographer, and I knew that I wanted Samantha to help me start out on that path.

We snapped this picture just before we went into the salon – with my cell phone since I’d forgotten to bring my real camera.


Our stylist Kiara did a wonderful job bringing out Samantha’s natural beauty.  Samantha said she felt like a million bucks – and doesn’t she just look it, too?




Thank you, Samantha, for trusting in me.

(to see more of Samantha’s photos, go here)

4 thoughts on “Glamour Portrait Session: Samantha

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  2. These are beautiful pictures and she is just amazingly beautiful and you can just tell she feels it. These type of pictures are totally worth your efforts.


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