Glamour Portrait Session: Mady


Mady is a smart, fun-loving, humorous, and warm-hearted woman. I have the privilege of being counted among her friends.

This past Saturday I got to photograph her – you may remember she was the winner of the glamour session. My favorite makeup artist, Kiara, drove 30 mins from where she lives to come do Mady’s hair and makeup. (She also did the makeup for Samantha and Hadli.)

We spent nearly the whole day together, talking and laughing.  I could tell Mady was nervous, but also very excited; I was feeling the same way.  My ultimate goal for when I do these shoots is for the women I photograph to be able to see how beautiful they really are, and to capture their inner beauty as well as the outer.

Mady shared her experience of the day on her blog, here.

Here are some of the images I captured of my beautiful friend.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A few more can be seen on my Facebook page.

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