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I had way too much fun with these two.

Daughter of Winter

Artistic, Miscellaneous, Portraits

As I mentioned in the Daughter of Autumn post, the idea evolved into one of doing each of the four seasons. So, here is the next installment.

More can be seen here.

Daughter of Winter-4853

Daughter of Winter-4858

Daughter of Winter-4882

Daughter of Winter-4893

Potato Patch Shootout – Floral Steampunk

Artistic, Portraits

I am a member of The Potato Patch, which is a group of photographers located here in Southeastern Idaho.

Occasionally we’ll come together to do a themed shoot.

This one was organized and styled by the group’s founder, talented photographer of Vanilla Tree Photography, Catherine Auger.

I had so much fun! Here are a few of my favorite shots from the session.

(More can be seen here)